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Evorlor is a small indie game studio comprised of developers whose aim is to make the most fun games possible. We are currently working on Project Venture, an open-world 2D platformer. We have also released our Level Generator 2D for our fellow game developers to use.

Project Venture

Explore an open world during medieval times. There is no path from left to right; you can jump across platforms, traveling in 360 degrees. Use your swords and spells to complete quests for the strangers you meet along the way, and earn rewards such as prestige, equipment, runes, and gold. Prestige can be used to upgrade runes you find along your journey. Attaching these runes to the various pieces of equipment will enchant them to allow for unique and exciting skills, such as unlocking new abilities and ways to travel. With thousands of different equipment and rune combinations, defeat your enemies the way you want!

Project Venture is the codename for our first title. It is a 2D platformer in an open world. Complete quests across multiple playthroughs to earn rewards. Improve your character by learning new skills that change the way the game is played.

Open World

Our procedurally generated world is sure to keep every playthrough exciting.


With hundreds of quests, there is always something new to do.


Crafting allows for the creation of various items with special abilities.


Upgrade your hero however you want with our unique prestige system.

Level Generator 2D

Our Level Generator 2D, available on the Unity Asset Store, rapidly increases the speed at which you can develop procedurally generated games. It does not restrict your design in any way. You can still work 100% natively in Unity, but with the added capability of procedurally positioning your rooms during runtime.

We use a unique algorithm. Unlike the common algorithm which places empty corridors to link rooms together, ours keeps the player in the action. Every room is connected to other rooms in at a hyper-speed for a seamless 60 FPS procedurally generated level.

The Level Generator 2D is set up for designers to use without touching code, or for programmers to get in deep for fine-tuned control. Our Quick Start Guide is available as well as our extensive API. You can contact us directly for help at for support.



2D Animation Starter Pack

Our 2D Animation Starter Pack, available on the Unity Asset Store, is perfect for you if you are making your game using Unity's animation system. Whether you are prototyping or looking to find some stylizable animations for your game, our animations can save you hours. Our starter pack includes Idle, Walking, Running, Jumping, Climbing, and Swimming character animations for side-view games, such as a 2D platformer.

Our animations are designed to work with characters of different sizes and proportions. Our animations are ready to work as is for prototypes, but they are also designed to be stylized, so that you can add your own style to the existing animations without having to build the basics. You can see samples of the animations here.

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