Level Generator 2D

CustomUnityLibrary Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ButtonExtensions
Extensions for Buttons
Public class CameraExtensions
These are extensions for Cameras
Public class ColliderMessenger
Attached to children, it will notify parents and ancestors of collisions by calling a method of the GameObject's name
Public class DestroyedWhenEmpty
Destroys a GameObject when it has no children nor components
Public class EnumUtility
Utility methods for Enumerations
Public class FloatUtility
Utility methods for floats
Public class GameObjectExtensions
These are extensions for GameObjects
Public class GameObjectUtility
This is the factory for Game Objects
Public class ManagerBehaviour<(Of <(<'TManager>)>)>
Extending this class creates a MonoBehaviour which may only have on instance and will not be destroyed between scenes. When extending, the type of the inheriting class must be passed.
Public class ParticleSystemOnDestroy
Plays the provided Particle System when the GameObject is destroyed
Public class Rigidbody2DExtensions
These are extensions for Rigidbody2Ds
Public class RotationOverTime
Rotates a component by some degrees over a specified number of seconds This method suffers from floating point precision issues, and the rotation will not be precise.
Public class ScriptableObjectUtility
Utility methods for Scriptable Objects
Public class SoundManager
This is a manager for playing audio
Public class StringExtensions
These are extensions for Strings
Public class StringUtility
Public class TransformExtensions
These are extensions for Transforms
Public class Vector2Extensions
These are extensions for Vector2s
Public class Vector3Extensions
These are extensions for Vector3s
Public class VisualManager


  Structure Description
Public structure IntRect
Contains x and y coordinates. Similar to Vector2, but stores ints instead of floats.
Public structure Point2
Contains x and y coordinates. Similar to Vector2, but stores ints instead of floats.
Public structure Point3
Contains x and y coordinates. Similar to Vector3, but stores ints instead of floats.