Level Generator 2D

LevelGenerator2D Namespace


  Class Description
Public class CameraExtensions
These are extensions for Cameras
Public class Door
An opening where two Rooms can be attached
Public class FilePaths
This is a list of file paths
Public class Level
The Level containing Rooms which is being generated via a controller
Public class LevelEditor
Custom editor UI for inspector for Level
Public class MenuOptions
Adds options to the file menu
Public class Room
A predefined segment of a level to be used in the Level
Public class RoomEditor
The editor used when displaying rooms in the inspector
Public class Spawner
Public class SpawnerEditor


  Delegate Description
Public delegate Spawner..::..Spawning
Delegate for spawner spawning


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Direction
This represents a cardinal direction
Public enumeration WallWidth
Thickness options for walls